Cadevesa was founded in 1.962, as a ship’s charging and discharging Company, under the name of “Angel Velasco Buitrago“, and later, in 1.980 it became the actual “Cargas y descargas Velasco, S.A.“.

Since then, Cadevesa has been growing along Santander Port, becoming one of the most important stevedores Companies and keeping through the years its policy of reponse to any challenge relating to harbour operations.

The family venture, which has been continued and reinforced by its founder’s successors, relies not only on the structure for the stevedores handling but also on specialised staff with a large experience dealer with all sort of merchandises and services.

The main Company Service is to charge and discharge of ships, and cargo stowage, working alongside the main Shipping Agent Companies not only in Santander but in the rest of Spain as well.


Experience in all sorts of harbour traffics, completed with the right machinery (general cargo, Project cargo, cargo in bulk, ro-ro, containers) and the infrastructure of stores in and out of the Port, as well as transport from and to them.


Because we are a local Company with no other branches out of Santander, our efforts are focused on a constant innovation and specialisation of the cargo traffics and its needs.